Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OLD friends in OLD town

After three years, I reunited with my sweet friend Jessica! I've so missed this girlie! We used to be inseperable, and then life happened! lol :) Somehow life took us in different directions, but I'm so glad that we were able to reconnect today!

This afternoon, I met up with Jessica and her 3 year old daughter, Derby, in Old Town Temecula. We spent the day catching up, shopping, eating, and getting our frienship back on track. We met around 11:30am and started the day off with a very delicious Starbucks! That held us off for awhile, till we decided to eat lunch. We strolled down the road through Old Town, visiting the quaint antique shops, and country stores, and then we came upon our lunch destination. We filled our bellies at 'The Bank' Mexican Restaurant. It was super tasty! We continued catching up over our burritos and tacos, and I was so excited to look through all of Jessica's wedding photos. What a beautiful bride she made! After lunch we continued strolling along, until about 5pm when it was time to part ways. I am so glad that we were able to get together and spend some time getting to know each other again. It was so great to hear what she's been up to and how God has blessed her over the last three years. I'm so glad that she is so happy! I couldn't be more pleased!! I can only hope and pray that we will continue to spend time together and grow our friendship once again.

Thank you, Jessica (and Derby), for such a fun day reconnecting! I love you, both!! Let's get together again SOON!!

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