Monday, March 1, 2010


A new chapter in life has started for my Grandma and Grandpa Hyde. They moved to an independent living home this week. After 33 years living in their mobile home, they had to say goodbye and start anew.

My mom flew out to help and visit with G&G, and they were able to spend one last afternoon relaxing on their front porch watching people and cars go by. It was a great afternoon, and one I'm so glad we were able to spend with them!Before we drove away, we had them stand in front of their coach for one last picture...It wasn't the easiest transition for them, they so loved living in their mobile home. But they knew that it was time to make the move. Their new place is soooo nice! If I was old enough, I would totally move in now! First off, they have THE BEST view in the whole building! When sitting in their chairs, you look out the big windows and see the gorgeous snow tipped mountains nearby.

There were a few days that I was put to work putting together some new furniture they needed. Fist a microwave cart, and then a desk. I guess I'm not so used to doing this type of work, cuz I got a couple blisters on the palm of my hand...but it was worth it, to know that they have what they need.And Danny and his family surprised everyone and made a trip out to SoCA for a visit. Grandma and Grandpa were really happy to see them!And it was nice that all their kids were able to get together during this time too. Both my mom and Uncle Marvin were in town at the same time!!So they are all moved, and settled in their new home. They have three great meals a day provided, have lots to do around the facility if they choose to join in, and my aunt and cousin are just around the corner to visit them.

I pray God blesses them in their new home.
I KNOW He will!!!

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