Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The BIG Move

It's amazing how much stuff one person can accumulate in a couple years time. I admit, though, that I do have a shopping addiction. However, my addiction lies with shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, swap meets, and flea markets. So its not like I spend lots of money...I'm pretty thrifty. So when I decorate and change my mind a few months later, I can redecorate without spending a fortune. So yes, needless to say that with that mindset I do have LOTS of stuff!

When it came time for packing up my house I was in dread mode. I felt a little overwhelmed, so I decided I needed to try to simplify a little and get rid of some stuff. So I had two yard sales, about a month apart from each other. From the two sales I made a total of $2200. I was pretty excited, that money really helped pay some bills. Pretty much everything I put out sold. There was only a small pile left for the thrift store to come pick up on the afternoon of the last sale day. BUT...I still had a lot of stuff that I kept! So the packing began...

I have truly been blessed with some amazing friends! A number of them gave me boxes for moving (which totally helped me save some money from having to buy them), they helped out at my yard sales, helped me pack up some boxes, and helped on moving day! There were about thirteen of us total on moving day, some at the house and some at the storage unit. How awesome is that!! Thank you, to all of you who helped guys rock!!

The day before moving day, Ray-Ray (my step-dad) had arrived. He drove his truck down from WA to load up and move me up north. That evening we started to load up our cars with all the stuff that I was going to be taking with me. His truck, my SUV, and my mom's car were loaded to the gills. We managed to fit all my 'necessities' in :) Everything else was going to be put in the storage unit in CA...because I plan on moving back eventually.

Moving day was a cold & wet one! The rain held off for most of the day, which was great! We were able to get the moving truck filled with all my stuff and over to the storage unit before it started raining. About halfway through the unload at the unit it started pouring rain! The rain quickly turned into a lightning, thunder, and hail storm! It was exciting and frustrating at the same time. The boxes were getting wet, making the cardboard flimsy...and as they were getting stacked up in the unit they were already starting to collapse a bit. Oh dear, that has really worried me. I'm so hoping that when I go to get all my stuff one day, that all my stuff isn't broken! Things were muddy and wet and well it plain stressed me out. But, there's nothing I can do about it now. I just have to hope for the best and let it go. I'm just super happy that all my stuff fit in an 11x15 unit!

We were all pretty excited when the unload of the truck and load of the unit was finished and the door was able to close. There were only five of us left at the very end (me, mom, Ray-Ray, Josh and Dana)...thanks to Josh and Dana for staying till it was finished. But seriously, thanks to all my friends who gave up their afternoon to help me! And thanks to my parents for all their hard work, travels, and moola! I couldn't have done it without all of you!! I had such a great time with everyone, even though it was a tiring day. I love you all!

So that was pretty much the move in a nutshell. The next day we drove off and headed to WA. We had a couple detours we took to see some stuff, so it took us three days to get home, instead of two. We had a good time. And now I'm living in WA, am still unpacking my stuff...and am looking forward to the holidays with my mom, Ray-Ray, Kae, Troy, Emily and my nephew baby Parker (who I have yet to meet) :)

Here are some fun pictures from moving day...

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