Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girlfriend Goodbye

I have some of the BEST girlfriends in the world!!! I was invited to a girl night at my friend Nicole's apartment the week before I moved. We were going to watch my favorite movie, The Christmas Card. When I arrived, we made quesadillas with chips & salsa and sat around and talked for awhile...then put the movie on. Of course the movie was GREAT! :) After the movie finished, the girls gathered around and handed me a hat box full of little gifts and sweet cards. I couldn't believe it. They are so sweet! I was sooo NOT expecting this. They gave me little items that reminded them of me. There were some cupcake baking items, gift cards to starbucks and mcdonalds, pictures framed of me with them, items for making jewelry, a necklace, some earrings, a cute cupcake makeup bag, a cupcake squeeky toy for my lil Annie, and sweet notes. They made me cry! I just love these girls so much and am so sad to move away from them. God has truly blessed me with their friendships! Thank you to all you amazing girls for making my farewell a super special and memorable one. I will (and already do) miss you!! Love you all sooo sooo much!!

you girls so very much!!!

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b-ka said...

I love and miss you so much Jody!! You're right... your friends are pretty awesome :) This blog made me cry but only cause you are awesome too!! Love you!