Friday, October 10, 2008

Bob's Big Boy

Ok, so today has been a really good Friday! Olya, my co-worker, and I had to run some work errands today out in Riverside. We had to get a business license, pick up a new tire for the 'boss-man' and then take some photos at one of our completed project sites. After all that, we made our way towards the restaurant for our late (and fast) lunch. I was so excited for this...we found a Bob's Big Boy!! How fun! I ate the super yummy-delicioso chili spaghetti that I LOVED as a kid! Good memories, and Good food! What a great way to finish off the work-week!


Reed and Kelli said...

ohh how i miss Bobs Big Boy.....gosh, it's been years!!! another favorite that i miss dearly is IN-N-Out. thanks for the reminder :)

editnerd said...

Oh my gosh!!! Chili Spaghetti!! I loved that stuff as a kid. Now I really want some. Too bad I live 1,200 miles from the closest one.

Gene R.

dannyandjessie said...

I love how you take pictures of your food all the time. Except it makes me hungry. Townes loves looking at your blog, he keeps saying "Dough"...I think he means Jo. Love you