Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

Tonight I had Dinner and Movie with some real good friends! First was dinner at Olive Garden with Judi, Jeremy and Krista. We had a very nice time talking about things happening in the area and what's important to us. Jeremy had a couple good questions...

1. If you could save one thing in a fire, what would it be?
2. What is most precious to you?

I have to admit, we kept thinking about something we would save in a fire...but he re-asked the question in a way that we could get what he was trying to ask...
2. (re-asked)If you could take one item to "show and tell" that was the most precious thing to you, what would it be?

If you really thought about it, they were hard questions! Most things are replaceable...so in a fire, I would probably save my dog and cat and then save myself! If I had time, I would try to save all my pictures/photo albums, etc. Everything else I could go to the store and purchase again. Then there was the "show and tell" question...I really didn't know what I had that was that precious to me besides my family and "kiddos". So...I'm asking you -

1. What would you save in a fire? and...
2. What is the most precious thing in your life, that you would take to "Show and Tell"?

(please leave me the answers in my comments section)

After dinner, Jeremy, Krista and I went to the movies and saw "Eagle Eye". Very intense movie...and very action packed! I thought it was very entertaining!

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