Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Boss' Day!

Today we celebrate our Bosses...Our office celebrated our boss, Tom, today with lunch and pie! Yum! We ordered in Panda Express, Tom's favorite, and sat around the table in the lunchroom together chatting and enjoying the fellowship with each other. Then we enjoyed some yummy pie! Thanks Tom, for being a great boss AND friend! I Love You! :)

After our food celebration, we decided to try out this experiment we've seen coming through emails...where you place four cell phones around some popcorn, call them all at the same time, and then its supposed to pop the popcorn! Well, see our video below for the results of our experiment (sorry, its sideways)....

Oh well, we gave it our best shot...this was actually our second attempt at this experiment, of course neither worked. Bummer! Then we read about this thing...I guess we should've read that first before trying it out. Oh well, it was fun!
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