Tuesday, October 21, 2008

nightmares & dreams

I'm wishing someone would've wished me 'sweet dreams' last night...

So I had a really terrible nightmare last night. I don't really want to discuss the awful details, so lets just say that someone close to me was accidentally decapitated! My dream was so intense last night, and VERY graphic! My hysterical crying woke me up in the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep after that, nor did I want to...I was afraid I would continue the dream and I definitely did not want it to keep going (obviously I'm super tired today!). So I'm curious your thoughts on the subject of nightmares and dreams (now's when I wish I took some psychology classes in college!). I honestly don't think I was wishing for this to happen in my unconsious! I would NEVER wish for this on anyone!!! I've heard that certain foods and eating too late at night can cause crazy dreams...what else can cause them? How can we stop from having such terrible thoughts through the night? How can we make ourselves have pleasant dreams...is there a way? Anyway, just wondering if any of my readers have thoughts on the matter...what causes nightmares/dreams, why they seem so real and can totally affect you physically and emotionally...causing drainage of the mind and body? Thanks for the help! I hope you had better dreams than I did!

ps...I'm treating myself to Chick-fil-A and Starbucks today!
(my comfort foods!!!)


Sigmund Freud once called dreams the “royal road to . . . the unconscious”

All dreams essentially tell us one important thing: “Wake up!” That is, just as you must wake up from a dream to remember it, the dream itself is telling you to “wake up” to the truth that you try to hide from others—and from yourself.

Repetitive dreams indicate that you are continuing to miss the point about the meaning of the dream. If you don’t “wake up” to the unconscious meaning of the dream but instead persist in seeing it through your own wish-fulfillment needs, you will remain stuck in your own self-deception.

Our modern word nightmare derives from the Middle English nihtmare (from niht, night, and mare, demon), an evil spirit believed to haunt and suffocate sleeping people. And so, in today’s world, when we speak of a nightmare we mean a frightening dream accompanied by a sensation of oppression and helplessness. Nightmares are graphic depictions of raw, primitive emotions such as aggression and rage that have not been incorporated into the conscious psyche. Thus we tend to encounter these “ugly” aspects of our unconscious lives as terrifying dream images in whose presence we feel completely helpless.


Lindy said...

You have been tagged! =) go to my blog to find out what to do!

Reed and Kelli said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about this Jody. I posted a while back about a course I took called "Freedom in Christ" and the books I went through were "Victory Over The Darkness" and "The Bondage Breaker." At the end of the 2nd book......there were specific prayers and one of them was directed towards nightmares ect...exactly what you described. Since I don't have my book with me....I found a quote about it on the internet....very interesting:

"I no longer fear going to sleep. I have not had a nightmare since I was half way through the Bondage Breaker. One night I was continuing to struggle with evil thoughts at bedtime and in my sleep. I prayed in the name of Jesus over my mind and my sleep, proclaiming to Satan that Jesus Christ is my LORD and Satan has no right to be in my presence or interrupt my sleep."

I would suggesting praying a prayer along these lines before you go to bed each night.

dannyandjessie said...

Hi Jo-Jo. I'm so sorry to hear about your aweful dreams. I have woke myself up with hysterical crying, after having aweful nightmares. Mine seemed to come from a sense of fear of losing my dad. Also, I've had bad dreams about fears with Danny. Alot of times, mine are worse when I watch crime shows. I think that dreams have so much to do with our spirtual beings, satan is battling for you. He wants to instill fear in you. Pray! God can take fears away you don't even know you have. Kelli had some good stuff to say too! I love you.

Mrs. R said...

Oh, I wanted to let you know I tagged you!