Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mi Madre's Visit to Cali

How fun, my mom came out for a visit from WA to CA! :)
I was so excited for her to arrive! The night she flew in, Wednesday night, I picked her up from the airport and we went back to my house for a bit so she could get settled in and relax for a few. She got to look around my house, see the progress on decorating, etc. and then we left and drove over to the Matlock's to check out their new addition that's in progress (which is SO nice!). Then we all had dinner at my favorite Mexican place in Chino...TONY'S!!! :) Mmmm Mmmm Good! We enjoyed a nice evening chatting, hearing about her life in WA with her hubby Ray-Ray, seeing pictures of their new house they bought...all that fun stuff. Jeremy also joined us and updated us a bit on how married life is going and their life in Russia. It was a nice evening with good friends!

Thursday she dropped me off at work and spent the day with her parents (and had yummy In-N-Out)...and then later picked me up from work and we met up with the Vasquez relatives at our other favorite restaurant, Vince's Spaghetti, for dinner. There was about 13 of us there chowing down on some good food! We were there for a few hours and then headed over to my cousin Duana and her husband's house for dessert. Their new house is super cute! We spent time visiting with each other, looking at pictures, eating pie, and then around 11pm we all dispersed...it was time for us to head home and hit the hay, as most of us had work the next day.my momma and me (with auntie lin peaking in)the familyg&g vasquez...my grandiesmy sweet cousin, duana

Friday morning my mom dropped me off at work again and had a fun girly day. Breakfast with her friend Debbie, and then hanging with her BFF Judi. Around noon, Judi and mom came to the office and picked up me and Connie and we went to lunch at yummy Bakers!The 'old' ladies had conversations revolving around aches and pains...I was right there with em though, I feel like I'm old too! heehee! After eating ALL our food, they took me and Connie back to work and left to go have more fun. Around 5pm we all met up again and we were off for.....GIRL'S NIGHT!!! We (Me, Mom, Judi, Connie and Kristy) went to the Old Spaghetti Factory (mom's favorite) and again ate some super delicious food! Kristy and I had some laughs getting our picture taken - a million times till we got one we liked! :) Then mom and I spent the rest of the evening back at Judi's house chatting away like girls love to do! :)

Saturday was the day with the Hyde's...my mom's parents and siblings got together. We hung out at G&G's for awhile, and then left for lunch at Mimi's (I love that all our trips revolve around food!) haha :) We had a nice day together. Aunt Janet had just gotten back from her trip out of the country and so we got to look through all her pictures and hear her fun stories. She had a nice time on her trip. I also took the kids on a walk over to the Exotic Bird store where we got to pet and hold the birds around the store. That was fun, but their claws broke some skin a few times - OUCH! the bird was biting Cory's ear!I was nervous to hold the bird, but it was nicelittle Paige got to hold a birdie too

Cory had fun taking some pictures of himself...
and then we took some pictures together...Aunt Janet - Grandpa - Grandma - Uncle David - MomG&G with MomG&G with Aunt JanetG&G with Uncle DavidG&G with ME :)Sistersmi madre and me! we look so much alike when we both have dark hair and bangs!

Sunday was church at CVCC and then lunch with the Matlock's at Vince's - yummmy! After lunch, mom and I went shopping for a couple hours. Then we went over to her friend Val's house and checked out all they had remodeled over there - very nice! Then we headed over to Starbucks where her friends (from the church office where she worked) came to meet her. We all chatted the night away and didn't leave till around 10pm. Long night, but very fun. I'm glad she got to spend time with her friends!Mom, Val, Rudy, Pastor Brian, Kelly, and Helen
(and I was sitting in the empty chair)

Monday...mom's last FULL day in California :( So sad! But it was a good day. Her trip out to Cali was for this day...the 15th Annual Dan Vasquez Memorial Golf Tournament (in memory of my dad). I had to work during the tournament, darnit! But mom was able to be at the golf course to check people in and watch them all tee-off, with the gunshot start. Then mom spent the day with her friend, Judi. After the golfer's long day, that evening we all met up for the banquet. This year was a little different than the last 14...there was no fundraiser, no auction, and no raffle. It was to be a celebration and reflection time of the last 15 years. It was a nice time visiting with family friends and church members, and family! My Grandie & Meme and mom

Little Jeffrey (my good friend and ex-bf) won the "longest drive" contest in the golf tournament...Tom M., Paul M., and Mike B. (I didn't get a picture of Mike) all got up and talked about the legacy my dad left...it was very touching! There were even a few tears from the men as they were remembering back to those times they shared with him. I love hearing about memories that people have of my dad! His death was one month before my 15th birthday, so I was still pretty young when he died. I wasn't at that stage in life where I took the time to really get to know him, ya know? So to hear the impact he had on those around him is really pretty neat! I was trying to get a book together of memories people had of him...a few years ago I had flyers out asking for people to write down their favorite memory and then I would compile all of them into a book so that it could be passed down and his grandchildren and great grandchildren could hear the stories of this amazing man! A few men sent them in, they were great to read! If any of you are interested in sending a memory in, please feel free to do so! I would love to add yours to the book that will hopefully be made one day! Anyway, it was a nice evening.

Tuesday: So sad...Today my mom flies home! She woke me up and crawled into bed with me and we spent the morning chatting, all snuggled under the covers. It was nice! :) Then we got ready, packed up the car, and headed out. We stopped at Taco Bell so she could eat before her flight and then I took her to the airport. It was a sad goodbye...as we don't know when we'll see each other again :(

I had such a great time having mom here for the week! I wish she could come down and stay more often!

I love you mom!!!!


Allison Vasquez said...

You get the prize for longest post ever! When we are in LA next week, Auntie Lin suggested we meet the family at Vince's. What is it with the Vasquezes and Vince's? So funny! I guess I'll find out next week!

Reed and Kelli said...

it's SO great to see your moms face again! she looks BEAUTIFUL and so very happy :)

and....your grandma (dads mom) is still soooo stylish...i LOVE it!

im so gad that you were able to spend some quality time with your mom. the distance is so hard...and time goes by so fast.....i know all about that as well. will you be able to spend Christmas together? we will be in the NorthWest {Boise & Park City, UT} this year...it's a beautiful place to be at that time of year.

i had no idea you were putting together a book about your dad. what an awesome thing to do for your family!! i hope lots of people with AMAZING memories write you. im going to tell my parents to do that for sure....they still talk about "Pastor Dan" to this very day.

love you.

The Mena Family said...

I'm so jealous!!! I need to be there right next to you and mom in those pictures!! It's funny cause I look just like you guys too! I have bangs and dark hair!! So, we would all look like sisters!...since mom looks so young :) I'm glad that y'all had so much fun. I can't wait to see you again and spend fun time with you too!
Love you!!!