Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Please VOTE in my Poll

Its about that time again, where I'm antzy to make changes with my hair...yea, I can't have it one way for too long. So I'm taking a Poll...
if you have trouble with the poll box below,
please leave me a comment with your opinions

Just thought I'd see what everyone things about it.
Thanks for sharing! (be nice!)


dannyandjessie said...

Your brother, sister and mom all like you with blonde long hair, I guess they can't do change! I don't know what that's about Danny changes his hair everyday! I haven't seen you with a layered look. What about brown with golden hairlights(gives dimension) lot of layers and a little longer than shoulder length??!?! I just cut bangs again, needed a change too! DO IT girl, change it up!!

Reed and Kelli said...

ok, i LOVE your bangs.....definitely keep them :)

i like jessie's idea about keeping the brown but adding golden highlights.....or better yet...a few hidden chunks of gold- not just on the top but underneath- above the ear ect....its really hard to explain but I can see it in my mind. i can send you a picture of a friend of mine that has the best hair ever...and her layers are amazing too!

good luck!