Friday, February 27, 2009

Game Night

Tonight was fun...Bethany Baptist Church held a young adults/singles Game Night! We ate yummy food - chili, chips, brownies, cookies...lots of goodies! Then it was game time! We first played this game that I had never heard of and still am not sure of the name. I think it was called Wiff? They give a subject like "ice cream flavors" and there's one person who goes around the group and each person gets to guess and the person who guesses the right answer gets water splashed in their face. I wasn't too pleased with this game...I got the right answer THREE TIMES!!! Yea, I tied with one other person for the most times getting water in the face. BOO!But, I did get to splash Josh in the face, so that was nice payback! heehee :)Then we played four on a couch. Way too much thinking with that wasn't my favorite. And then it was time for Battle of the Sexes. I don't understand why the guys get such easy questions and the girls get such hard ones! Not fair! Oh well, we still did pretty good. Anyway, it was a fun night :) Look at how cute Pastor Josh is with his little boy Tad...such a cute little PK :)

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