Sunday, February 1, 2009

super bowl day!!

Well, we're not huge football fans in my house. I like watching games when there's a party invovled...I like the food and fellowship! :) But today I didn't go to any parties. I decided to stay home and relax and maybe do a bit of cleaning (but the cleaning isn't happening)...watching movies is a definite possibility too. BUT, since today is a big game day, I dressed lil Annie in her cute cheerleader outfit because its...
(I just want the super popcorn bowl! hahaha!!)

here's the little cheerleader look'n all sporty...
isn't she just the cutest thing ever!!!!Hopefully Annie doesn't mind that I dress her up for all occassions, cuz I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. But I bet she would appreciate her outfit a little more today if we were at least going to watch the football game. football for us! Its movie day instead :)

For those of you who are watching all those tackles today...
here's a couple little cheers for ya:

1st and 10
do it again
we like it
we like it


we've got the ball so let's go let's go
we've got the ball so...let's go!

Sorry, the cheerleader in me just came out.
Go Team(s)!


Shannon Hartz said...

Hi Jodi:) I almost jumped up and did the cheer:) Oh the good ol' days:)

julie said...

I love Annie in the picture with her paws up on the football!!!!!! She is so cute!