Saturday, February 28, 2009

sewing 101

Well today was my first day of my new sewing class. My friend Carissa told me about this class that she was going to take and asked if I wanted to take it with her...she knew I had been wanting to learn to sew. So, after a bit of effort, by the end of class the teacher finally made up her mind to let me add it (I didn't register or anything before hand...just showed up). I guess I proved that was serious about this class and she broke the rules and let me stay. Yea me! :) Anyway, so it was a very exciting day for me...I finally learned how to use a sewing machine! YIPPEE!!! :) It was kinda funny though because we had to practice on paper. The first two sheets we had to do it without thread...and then we got to use thread on the third sheet of practice paper. But next class we will be making tote bags, so that will be fun! I'll get to actually use some material! haha :) Well, be on the lookout in the future for some of Jody's unique creations! :) There's no stopping me now!!!


Kelley said...

Hey Jody- Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I hope you guys are hanging in there. I'm excited about your sewing class. I bought a machine over Christmas and will begin sewing in the coming month or so. Can't wait to swap ideas!

selle said...

whoo-hoo!!! good job for you! i can see u now and all your crazy, funky, awesome creations!!! ya, i wanna swap ideas too!!! i've never taken an official sewing class (except for middle school-or was that highschool?!)...i taught myself-it's not that hard! then u can have your own etsy shop too!!!!