Saturday, February 21, 2009

valentine's getaway

V a L e N t I n E ' s W e E k E n D

Who needs men when you have great girlfriends, right?!! heehee :)
(just kidding boys...we love you!)

My girlfriends and I decided to get out of town last weekend and go have some fun together on a road trip. The four of us headed out on Valentine's morning and started the 7+ hour journey towards the Grand Canyon.
I had visited the GC once before, when I was about 13 years was the last vacation I went on with my dad before he died. Anyway, I have been wanting to go back there ever since.

But we first had to stop at the 'Bucks' to get our coffee for the long road ahead!
me - carissa - holly - kristyI like to document everything with pictures...
so here's a few from our travel:
the backseat passengerssnack time!our first stop...bathroom break!nap time...Turd Burgler!
(Kristy's name for all the annoying trucks on the road! hahaha!)We stopped in a cool little town and here are a couple pics from there:We saw some interesting signs along the way too:
After quite a few hours we crossed over into AZ...And after about 7 or 8 hours (I stopped counting) we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon and checked into our hotel...I immediately laid down, it was a long ride!The GC is so amazing and beautiful! I took advantage of having such beauty in front of me, and did a few little photoshoots. You can check them all out on my photoblog by clicking on this link:
  • Jody Vasquez Photography

  • But here's a few shots from the GC:

    Day 1...

    our first view of the grand beautiful
    a little close to the edge here, but i lived :)we're so happy to be there!enjoying God's beautiful creation!That night we had a great dinner at this steakhouse where I devoured some delicious baby back RIBS! Um, can we say YUMMMMMMM! :) Its a good thing there were no men around for this got a little messy! hahaha :)

    Day 2:

    More pics at the GC...
    The cheerleader in us came out...
    doing liberties at the grand canyon!me and Carissaposing at the Tower overlooking the GC
    After we took all the pics we wanted at the GC, we then headed out towards Sedona.

    more and Holly
    We enjoyed a nice lunch at Oaxacaand then strolled around the town wandering through shops and taking pictures.
    We enjoyed what little sunset there was over the rocks a random pic in the sedona airport parking lot...but according to carissa we look like "sophisticated escapees" - so true! :)and then we decided to hit the theater to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" (the story of my life!). I thought it was super cute, even if it was cheesy!

    Day 3:

    way too early to be up...waiting for sunrise:
    the sun has come up!
    as the trip was coming to an end, we got back on the road and headed west. after hours of driving with no food in sight - we were starving! we finally came across a McDonalds and made an immediate stop at the arches!and after a long journey towards home...
    we were SOOOO HAPPY to cross back into California!!!

    Check out all of my photoshoots of the Grand Canyon and Sedona on my
  • photoblog

  • The trip was so much fun! I love my girlfriends and am so glad that we've been able to spend time together and make such precious memories! Thanks girlies, for making this weekend so special! I love you!

    PS. I'm listening to our theme song from the weekend...
    "Viva la Vida" by get up and dance! :)

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