Monday, February 23, 2009

Man vs. Food

The other night I was at my cousin's house and we were all just hanging out watching TV. We had the Travel Channel on and were watching "Man vs. Food". Boy is this a great show! This episode was taking place in LA and he was hitting a few hot-spots. Watching the host eat made us hungry and we started to crave the food he had and took notes of where he was so hopefully one day we could try it out. So today, my cousin Cathy had to do some work out in LA and she let me tag along. We took care of her business and then hit the two hot-spots that were on the show. Oh my gosh, it was so fun! I love new little adventures like this!

1st stop:
El Tepeyac
(Beware, not in the best neighborhood!)
The home of the "Manuel Special" burrito that feeds 2 to 4 people. No, we didn't try is WAY too much food! But the burritos we did get were pretty huge too and we couldn't even finish those!Our yummy burritos
(we split them so we could each try both)needless to say, we have LOTS of leftovers!!

2nd stop:
(right by Olvera St)
The Original French Dipped Sandwich
celebrating their 100 year anniversary!since we just had lunch at El Tepeyac, we were definitely not hungry yet. So we took this food to go and had it for dinner back at Cathy's house later this evening. We devoured the yummy dips. Ya'll will need to try them soon!

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