Saturday, February 21, 2009

PRAY! for my Grandpa Vasquez

My Auntie Lin has sent out a few emails updating the family on my Grandpa's illness and here they are:

About two weeks ago, my Grandpa (Johnny) got a severe attack of conjunctivitis. I was told he looked like Rocky did after his worst fight. After much treatment, he had made no progress, so they admitted him to USC University hospital. During the week prior to admittance, he had developed several other problems: Shortness of breath, swollen legs and ankles, somewhat slurred speech, loss of appetite, tiredness, and more. Once admitted he got severe abdominal pain and swelling. They discovered he had a twisted colon and did a procedure to fix that with more work needed on that later. They have been testing for everything. His eyes are still horrible and he can't see anything at all now. He hasn't been able to even get his eyes open since day one. Last night the doctor finally called and told them that they suspect he has leukemia. They have sent his blood for further analysis. Monday they want to do a bone marrow biopsy. He presently has a picc line to feed him. It is looking very grim and we need powerful prayers. He is so weak and sick, that chemotherapy would be a tough choice. If it is indeed an option. We just don't know anything for sure yet. So please PRAY hard and put my Grandpa, Johnny Vasquez, on all your church prayer chains.

Then I got another email later tonight from my Aunt after she had visited him saying that he looked so much better today than yesterday. He was very alert. They even found him suddenly breaking out in a very long detailed prayer for the doctors, his healing, and those caring for him, etc. His speech is still hard to understand, but he spoke to them alot and it was better than before. His tongue is still really swollen and his mouth is so dry because he keeps it open all the time. He was obsessed with wanting water, which the doctor wouldn't allow. His eyes are looking much better and he was able to open them himself a tiny bit tonight for the first time and said he saw light "up there." They are not sure what he was seeing as there is a TV up there and a ceiling light. But needless to say, we were thrilled with that news! His legs aren't swollen any more. He got 2 blood transfusions tonight and they will check his blood count tomorrow. He had very attentive and wonderful nurses tonight.

Anyway, please pray from my Grandpa! Prayer is powerful. God worked a miracle and cured him from stage four lymphoma once before. We all believe He can do that again! We need a miracle and lots of prayers!

(I will update my blog when I know more)

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