Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Party

Last night was so fun. I had a few of my girlfriends over for a little party to watch the Oscar Award ceremony on TV. We had lots of goodies including popcorn, cookies, candy, pizza, and mini tacos. I ate way too much food, but it was fun snacking while watching the red carpet and the awards ceremony. I wish that they would've showed more people on the red carpet though...I felt like they didn't show many of the real popular actors/actresses. Ah well. I was glad that Kate Winslet won...she's great! :) And didn't you just love the new way that they introduced the best actor/actress awards! I loved that they made it personal for them...way better than filling the time with the host trying to be funny or something like that! :) Good job won "The Most Thoughtful Award" for 2009! Anyway, I really enjoyed having the girls over and spending time with them. Thanks girls for a fun night!

the goodies and the oscarsannie in her formal attire for the awards ceremony
(red was very popular, annie's should totally be on the Best Dressed list!)me with annie and her little friend manhattan (holly's kiddo)sorry, no pics of the girls...they were camera shy! haha, jk!

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