Monday, November 3, 2008

Every VOTE Counts

Do we really want our morals to be so deteriorated that the United States will be nothing in the world? I just got done watching the Left Behind series and its scares me thinking of how our world is getting worse and worse....who knows what will happen if the wrong person gets too much power!

A dear friends said this to me the other day....
"Even with the No on Prop 8 the people are saying that “who are we to deny them happiness” this is a scary comment that I believe will come back to bite everyone. What about the child molester, or the man who wants to be with a teenager, the rapist, the murderer??? What they do seem right in their eyes? And who are we to deny them their happiness? You watch, our country's morals will seriously decline if 8 don’t pass."
* Vote YES on Prop 8 *

If you continue to live in sin,
eventually it doesn’t seem like sin anymore.

Now that's SAD.

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