Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I VOTED!!! :)
Did you???
Well, now all we can do is PRAY! I hope all of you voted today for our new President! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!! I'm a little scared to think of what might happen if the wrong person gets voted in. But being scared and fearful is wrong. I know that God has everything in control and we need to trust that His Will will be done. Only He knows the big picture...we just need to have faith. The testing of our faith produces endurance! Lets take these trials and hard times and use them for His glory! God's name seems to be dwindling in our country...so we need to work harder to make Him known! Nows the time to fight for our faith, our country, our values....and God!

I wrote my old Pastor this week
  • Jim Piper
  • and this is a small part of what he said to me:
    I'm glad to hear of your desire to follow the Lord more closely... it is a crazy world getting crazier and our faith is coming under pressure causing doubts and difficulties... I too have struggled from time-to-time but when all is said and done... is there a crazier yet more real story to base one's life than on God incarnate?

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