Friday, November 14, 2008

living on pennies...

Well, today I took my car to the mechanic to get looked at. My brake light has been on for a couple months and I tried to ignore it for as long as possible. I knew that whatever it was, was going to cost me some bucks and I just don't have that much cash right now. I also haven't gotten my oil changed for over a year...yeah, I know, that's really bad! The mechanic (who is SUPER nice) gave me a lecture about how you wouldn't drain all the blood out of your body and let yourself why would you drain all the oil out of your car and let it die? So he made his point. I will do better next time. So I'm officially broker than normal now. The brake light was actually a notification telling me that my master cylinder was leaking. The bill for the parts and labor took all my $$$ from my wallet and I'm now living on pennies (well, less pennies than before). Be looking for ads for my garage sale that will be happening soon. I hope you can all come shop and help poor broke Jody out a little...I need my Chick-fil-A! hahaha :)

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