Thursday, November 13, 2008

finally, no more drama

So the drama is finally over! After a long and emotional {verbal} battle with the door-to-door salesman who sold me the Kirby vacuum, I finally have my money back! Seriously, learn from my mistake....don't ever let these people into your home! Its not worth the hassle and the terrible customer service {if you could call it that} that they show you when you decide you have buyers remorse. Just don't even answer the door!! I will NEVER AGAIN let a door-to-door salesman in my house, I don't care what they're selling. It could be a kid selling candybars and I won't answer it. Sorry folks, this was one battle I never want to go through again. I'm done being the nice girl. I'm just so glad that I don't have to deal with these very rude people anymore...I don't know the last time I've ever been so upset and felt so wrong'd by someone. But its time to let it go...its finally over and done with. Hoorrraaayyyyy!!!!! My $$$$ is back on my credit card and I'm finally at peace. Thanks for your prayers, they were much needed and God heard you! :)

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Mrs. R said...

I'm glad everything worked out for you. I've had a do not answer policy when it comes to salesmen for a looonng time.