Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oak Glen - fall fun day!

Today was so nice! I spent the afternoon with my girlfriends out in Oak Glen. When we first arrived at Oak Tree Village, we were really hungry. So we got in line at the little country restaurant there and thought we'd be sitting within 10 minutes, which is what the sign said the wait would be. Well Holly had brought along little Manhattan (her super cute little dog), so the wait for a table outside was a bit longer...about 50 minutes longer! Yuck. But it was worth the wait. We got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and it was nice having her little doggie with us all day. Boy did she get lots of attention! :)After lunch we walked around the cute little village there and saw a kangarooa pet possum (boy they're ugly)a balloon animal guylittle Manhattan wasn't afraid of the bear warning - haha :)cute little area where people sell their craft itemswe got put in jail! - well, not really :)a grave yard...check out the leg coming out - yuck! haha :)Kristy fed the deer and I took a picture with a horseand then I just had fun taking some random photos...Next we drove up the hill a bit and found another area where they were selling lots of apples and such. They were even showing how to make apple cider. I spent my time taking photos outside while the girls shopped. It was just so beautiful! My photos don't do it justice!
Oh, how I love the fall! I just wish it would cool down a bit was in the 90's today, but still enjoyable. But I'm ready for sweater and scarf weather!

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dannyandjessie said...

HOW FUN! I want to go too! Love the photos!