Sunday, June 22, 2008

Healing and Hair

It was a big weekend for the kids...well, my cute pets :) Annie (my dog) and Cali (my cat) had a fun trip to the Vet to get all check out. Cali has been sick for some time now, but I didn't really have the money to spend to make her well, but decided it was time. So the very young, handsome doctor (too bad he's married) gave her a checkup and decided to put her on some antibiotics. Then came Annie. Both Annie and Cali were strays, but Cali I got when she was a kitten so I knew her history...Annie, on the other hand, I have no clue about. The Vet thinks she's around 6 or 7 (sad, she's get'n up there in age) and that she may need a full "senior" workup....which is over $200!!! Ouch! Well, I can't afford that right now, and plus she seems to be in good health. So we'll wait on that for now. Also, I had noticed she had some crooked teeth...well, the doctor seems to think that she had broken her jaw at one point and it healed that way because no one took care of her. Poor little thing! He thought that she had been hit by a car! So sad! Well, I will be sure to take good care of her now that she's my little girl :) Anyway, both of my girls were sent home...Annie in good health, and hopefully Cali will get better soon (although its hard catching her to try to give her her meds 2 times a day!). After the visit with the Vet, I took Annie in to get her hair done :) Doesn't she look so cute with her short hair? With the hot weather, we took off all her hair so she could stay cooler. I hope she likes it! :) Can you tell she's hot out in the 100 deg. weather!
Poor thing wouldn't stop panting :(


Reed & Kelli said...

you are so good to your animals. this post made me laugh....the way you told the story....and yes, i think annie loves her new hair cut :)

Growler said...

oh look how cute she is with her short hair. i need to take olive in to get her shots but i'm afraid she'll hate me afterwards. thats what happened with amelie, although she's generally a miserable cat.