Friday, June 27, 2008

Something New

So I tried wearing a scarf on my head today. Not sure what to think about it. I really didn't feel like doing my hair so I first started off with putting it in a bun. Then I looked too plain. So I got out my BIG bag of scarves. I tried a few different ones on and decided to just go with the black and white stripped scarf. So here it new look for the day:
It was nice because I never had to deal with my bangs getting in my eyes, or my hair just annoying me while I'm working...It was all pulled back and away from my face. Very nice! Now, some may think I look like a pirate of some sort today...but oh well. I think I might have to do this again sometime. It will make getting ready in the morning so much faster! :) And I'm sure my boss would like that...maybe then I'll get to work on time! heehee :)

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