Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jam-Packed Weekend

So this was a great weekend! It started off on Saturday morning, driving out to Huntington Beach. I arrived at the beach around 11am and found a great parking spot (no meter)...super lucky! I walked along Main St. for a bit, stopped in at Jamba Juice, got a LARGE Strawberries Wild, and found a nice spot on the beach by the pier. The place was packed! Summer is here, and boy were people taking advantage of the nice weather at the beach! So I plopped my stuff down on the sand and took a nice long nap, listening to the waves crashing and the background music from the guy next to me who was playing his radio. Of course, I chose a spot where I'd have a nice view...there were some cute guys there :) Anyway, after enjoying the sunshine and trying to get a tan, I decided to take a stroll along the beach, get my feet wet, and do a little people watching (there are some crazies out there!). I also watched a couple surfers too - I don't know why they get so close to the pier, its dangerous!So, after all that, I headed back up to Main St. There were a couple street performers out there trying to make some cash, and a few others trying to make a statement. So I mosied around for a bit, went into a couple shops, and then headed back towards my car. As I was walking back, I went past the Huntington Beach Surf Museum. Can you believe that all the years I've lived in HB I haven't been in there? Well, I decided it was high time I checked it out. It's a tiny little museum! One thing I thought was pretty cool in there was this wall that had a map of the world...and around the map were old keys (real keys), with hotel room #s attached (key chains). There were keys from every place they'd ever surfed around the world! It was crazy how many keys there were! Pretty cool little keep sake! So after the museum, I had a couple hours to kill before my hair appointment :) So I did a bit of shopping at Forever 21 and this cool vintage shop in Costa Mesa. Then came time for my hair appointment. I'm not sure why it took so long this time, but I was there from 5-9pm! Crazy! I love my hair lady, but I never seem to get what I ask for. Oh well, I usually still like what I end up with, but sometimes I just wish she would get it right. For instance, she and I started to discuss what I wanted done for my hair. I said, I think I want to add some low-lights on top so that my hair is darker, and then do all dark underneath (just my natural color). So what happened...I now have blonde hair? She did dark underneath but blonde high-lights on top. I don't get how she got confused to that extent. Oh well, it doesn't look bad, just not was I was asking for. Maybe I should have a picture with me next time...perhaps a visual would work better! :) After my hair appointment I headed home. A little after 10pm I got a phone call from my mom (grammy) sister Jenny had her 5th little baby - A GIRL!!! - little Mahaila Jo Mena (aka Hailey-Jo). Isn't she just so precious! I soooooooooo wish I could've been there for the birth, as I was there for the last two babies born, but Mississippi is pretty far away! So now I need to start planning my trip out there to meet my new little niece! Yea!!!!, I finally have a niece!!! :) Ok, so Saturday was a long and eventful day! Sunday, I was able to meet up with a couple girlfriends and we went to see the new movie "Wanted". It was ok, definitely entertaining...but I think its a rental for sure! Lots of action, but kinda gory and pretty far-fetched. But again, entertaining.
Then we went next door to Paulie's and Carissa was giving Beth and I some pointers on our Paris trip that we're planning (since she's traveled all through Europe before). Its so exciting planning the trip, I don't know if I can wait two more months to go! I really want to go now! :) But, I'm sure the time will fly by. Anyway, Carissa was a lot of help and hopefully Beth and I can get our tickets booked within the next two days. So, that was my fun-filled weekend! I got to go "home" to the beach, got my hair done, have a new little niece, went to the movies, and planned my trip to Paris! Fhew! Now to start another week...

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Mrs. R said...

Oooo, I'm so glad you decided to go to Paris! Have a great time. I will look forward to reading about it. :)