Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girl's Night in LA

Saturday night was fun! Carissa, Kristy and I met up in LA at the Universal City Walk in Hollywood. The place was crowded with so many is out, so there were lots of kids (some who were very annoying)! Anyway, we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe at the City Walk. We enjoyed some good food and good conversation. After dinner, we strolled around the City Walk going through the maze of a crowd, going in and out of shops, and just enjoying the evening. Oh, and we took some fun pictures in one of the souvenier shops...they had some crazy sunglasses in there! :)
After the City Walk, we drove over to the Griffith Observatory, but found that the road we decided to take up there was closed. So we decided to go on an adventure through the Hollywood Hills trying to find another path. After going through the tiny little streets, seeing all the nice houses that we could never afford, we finally found the correct entrance (thanks to Kristy and her handy-dandy map!) :). We got there kinda late, so we only had a 1/2 hour to spend there before it closed. But we had fun none the less. Carissa and I were having too much fun just taking photos of random things around the observatory...but did take a couple pictures of us peering through the telescopes to see the stars. I like the picture to the left...Carissa took it, I like the blurring lights! Anyway, the lines were long for all the really big scopes, so we didn't get to see any planets...but still, it was fun! :)
Above is a picture of me and Carissa in front of the observatory...Kristy was a little pooper and wouldn't get in it...but I want everyone to know that she was there! :) One day we'll look back at these pictures from the observatory and wonder who was with us that night...since she didn't get in the picture! haha, jk...I'll always remember you were with us Kristy! :) Love you!

So after our fun evening in LA, we headed home. It is always fun hanging out with my girlies...I love you guys! I am so glad that even after all these years we are still good friends! I hope our relationships only grow stronger with time! Big hugs to you girls!!! See you soon! :)


Reed & Kelli said...

oh how FUN!

i love everything about your outfit and hair in these pictures. sooo pretty.

Growler said...

i know, i'm a photo pooper. i catch hell about it from a lot of people. you have to catch me in the right mood. i've never been one of those "love to be in photos" type people. i promise to take lots in cabo though. well, chest up photos anyway.