Monday, June 9, 2008

What a weekend

What a weekend....
After lots of long hours cleaning, organizing, shopping for, and decorating my house, mom flew in and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. It was so great spending time with her, even though the time was busy. Our dear friends Jeremy & Krista had their wedding this weekend, and mom flew out for it. It was great that she got to spend time with her bestest friend Judi too and be a part of all the wedding festivities. Mom and I got to spend some time shopping and watching a movie or two at my house, but most of the time was centered around the wedding...with a family get-together squeezed in :)

Jeremy and Krista tied the knot on Saturday...
it was a nice big wedding! They had a full house at the church that afternoon, and a full backyard for the "Father of the Bride" type reception. Beautiful! Oh, and can I say that they had an amazing
  • photographer
  • ! He rocks! Hopefully I'll get married one day so I can use him! :)

    Sunday we had a family get-together (mom's side) at my Aunt's house to celebrate my Grandma's birthday, and my Grandpa's Father's Day. It was a nice day...we bbq'd, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, sat around talking and catching up, watched a little "I Love Lucy" with my cousin Don...and then drove home. Its always nice hanging out with relaxing and enjoyable!

    Anyway, it was a good weekend...and I miss mom already! Hopefully I'll get to see her soon, but I know her next trip is to Mississippi to be at my sister's birth of her 5th child (due anytime now!)!!! :) Exciting Exciting Exciting!!!

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