Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Jody Fund

Ugh, so I definitely don't think I'm cut out to work a full time job and have a "career". I just need to find my "sugar-daddy" (heehee) so that I can quit work and start traveling :)...and then have a family! Anyway, this summer is going to be the BIG 3-0 birthday for me!!! I really want to go to Paris, maybe Rome and London as well....so I'm thinking of starting a Jody Fund. If you have any spare change, send it my way! :) I really want a stamp in my passport this year! If I can't have a husband...at least I'll have Paris! :) heehee!!!


Mrs. R said...

We did this trip last summer, and it was a blast! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we've got any spare $$ lying around for the Jody Fund, but we might have a few extra Euro coins I could send your way. :)

Kadi said...

Hey there! I just saw your blog on my sitemeter, so I thought I'd pop over! If you want to take a trip like that, my brother in law, Gilbert Lanathoua, hosts trips to France/Italy and the like. I can get you his info if you are interested. It is really reasonable and he is an awesome tour guide!! Take care :)

Jody said...

Kadi, Hey girl! Thanks for visiting! I've been reading your blog daily :)
Yes, I'm totally interested...I'd love to get your bro-in-laws info! Thanks! Hope you're doing well!