Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging With Bethie

Last night was fun! Beth and I met half way between our two houses last night. We first started with dinner...at In-N-Out! I love In-N-Out, but haven't had it in awhile because when my step-brother was in town we had to have it every single day for the entire week he was here! So, I was a little sick of it...but finally had it again and it was great! So we had our dinner (protien style and no fries with water, to go along with my diet) and then headed over to the movie theater. My mom had been raving about the movie "Iron Man", but I really had no desire to see. Well, we saw it last night...and I thought it was great! You were right mom! :) Anyway, if you go see it, make sure you stay till all the credits have finished...cuz there's a little clip at the end that gives more info of things to come!!! There's definitely going to be a sequel. Anyway, we had a fun night out...I'm so glad that I have Beth in my life! She's one of my bestest friends and I love her so much!! :)


selle said...

aww! it's great to have college friends you are still friends with! hi beth!

Reed & Kelli said...

how fun!!!

and I LOVED "iron man" as well......but guess what?? i left before the credits were over. bummer! hahaha!