Wednesday, July 9, 2008


"Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted"
(Matthew 5:4)

Wow, 15 years ago today my dad died. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday my dad and I were sitting on the couch crying together because we were both scared of what was going to happen, knowing that he only had a few weeks/months to live...then other days it seems like its been a lifetime! I know that he is in a better place, HEAVEN!, free from pain and suffering...but I'm selfish and wish he was still here. No matter how old we get, its still hard not having our dad around. I was 14 when he died...well, it was a month before my 15th birthday. I was so young then, and now being an adult it isn't much easier. But it is weird how life goes on, even though you think its the end of the world. I am glad that I had those 15 years with him though...I couldn't imagine growing up without a dad around at all, I think I'm lucky. Well, for those of you who are so blessed to still have your parents and loved ones around...take advantage of the time you've been given, you never know when it will be taken away!

Please be careful when you decide to go in the sun.
It is very harmful and can be prepared!

MELANOMA - are you at risk?

The Dan Vasquez Memorial Library is located at Chino Valley Community Church.
Every year, the church puts on a Dan Vasquez Memorial Golf Tournament. If you are interested in participating, or sponsoring this event, please contact the church office at (909) 606-4848. The monies raised go towards scholarships for students going into full-time ministry, and the Memorial Library.


Candace said...

Hi Jody. This is Candace Rickman (well, Leonard now but that is beside the point). I read your blog occasionally but never really post. I remember when your dad past away like it was just yesterday. It was almost exactly a year after my dad died, and you were pretty much the same age I was (I was 2 months from being 15).

When your dad died, I remember thinking everyone is grieving the loss of this great man and pastor, but what about the kids. Why do us as kids have to suffer such loss. I know we never talked about it, but I really felt for you and your family. Also, I was saddened by the death of your dad because I loved him. I still have not met a person who I could feel the love of God from as much as your dad.

The death of my dad has been the hardest thing to happen in my life. I miss him everyday and I miss what he could have been in my life now. It saddens me that my children will not know how great their grandparents were. But, as their children it's our job to let them know.

Anyway, I know I am babbling...sorry. I just want to let you know that I will be thinking for you (and your family) as they remember this sad time. I hope it is also filled with tons of happy memories of Dan.

Reed & Kelli said...

15 years ago we were stuck at the hip. best friends. i was at the hospital with you and your family and remember those last moments to this very day. we were young and i don't even think i even comprehended all that would change from that moment on for you and your family.

my mom & dad still talk about "Pastor Dan"....what an awesome legacy he left for you...and all of us. that alone is something to be admired and something to desperately pursue in our own lives.

your dad was amazing and what a blessing it was to learn so much from a man who loved God as much as he did. i loved sitting in the front row with you at the "blue church." oh how the memories go on and on...

thank you for sharing your heart and your hurt. i will remember your dad with you today. i love you!

Michelle said...

Hi, Jody. This is Michelle Quinn, and I too have read your blog off and on (Jenny sent me the link to your mom's blog!). Like the others who wrote (and I know you know) I just want to say again that your dad made a huge impact on many lives!! My parents still talk about Pastor Dan. He was instrumental in helping my family grow spiritually! Thanks for sharing your heart on a tough day.