Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hyde Family Get-Together

Since my Uncle Marvin, Aunt Joyce, and their grandson my 2nd cousin David were in town, our Hyde family got together. We had yummy BBQ food, home-made ice cream, and good conversation. Its always nice hanging out with the family. This time was especially nice because my cousin David is in the Reserves and is leaving for Iraq in September. I'm glad we had the chance to spend some more time with him before he leaves. David's mom (my cousin Lisa) and sister are coming out here in a couples weeks for a visit, and hopefully we'll all get together again. with Grandma & Grandpa

Pictures from the 4th of July with DavidDavid & Annie on the 4th of JulyDavid with Shane & Tommy
David, Christy and I

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Reed & Kelli said...

hey girlie...
you had a jam packed weekend!! looked like a ton of fun...i miss the beach....i love the pictures you took...yea for sparklers- those are my favorite too! xoxo