Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tonight my "Bestest" Bethie and I went to see Wicked. It was so great! I love going to things like this and wish I could go more often. Hopefully one day I'll win the lottery and have money to do all the super fun things in life..either that or marry a rich man! hahaha :) Anyway, we started off the evening with dinner at this mexican restaurant called El Compadre. Super yummy food, live mariachi band, great ambiance. It was so good! :) So we finished eating and headed over to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. When we arrived we found our seats and settled in. Some of my extended family members were there also, it was nice to see them again. So the show was amazing! These people have the most amazing voices ever! I got chills so many times! I wish I had talent like that! No, I'm the non-talented person in a family of talent. Anyway, I digress..... After the show, Beth and I hung out for a bit, took a few pictures of course, and then headed over to the car. We found these cones and decided that we should be part of the cast too! hahaha :) We were just having some fun! It was a great night! I'm tired now...going to bed! - Goodnight! :)


selle said...

oh fun!!! i still want to see wicked!

Mrs. R said...

I'm so glad you go to see Wicked! We saw it about a year and a half ago in Chicago and LOVED it. We're going back when it comes through town in December.

Are you going to see a West End production while you're in London? :)