Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Duck & Cover

"California is one of the world's most seismically active regions. More than 300 faults crisscross the state, which sits atop two of Earth's major tectonic plates, the Pacific and North American plates. About 10,000 quakes each year rattle Southern California alone, although most of them are too small to be felt."

Today we had a 5.4 earthquake and it was centered in Chino Hills, not far from where I work. We felt it BIG TIME at our office and it freaked me out! I did the whole duck & cover act creating the "Triangle of Life" next to my cubicle. I lived! :) Well, we all did...it wasn't life threatening. But hey, the lights hanging from the ceiling were swaying like a kid on a swing! I'm glad they didn't fall on me! Anyway, we had 27 aftershocks within one hour of the big quake! Come on...do we really need that many? Goodness! I just hope that this quake won't set off the other fault line (the San Andreas Fault - that my house backs up to) and cause the SUPER BIG one that we're due for!
So if having a 5.4 earthquake isn't bad enough, check out what happened to our postman today in our unfinished parking lot out in front of our office:he got stuck in a ditch! Poor guy! He had to switch vehicles to finish out his deliveries and then will have to have it towed later this evening. What a bummer for him! But why was he driving through there anyways? - that wasn't very smart of him at all!

Hopefully this day will get better, but most things come in 3's - so that's two...what's next? Oh dear, I shouldn't have asked!...

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