Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going on a Possum Hunt...and I'm not afraid!

Well, that's not all true...I'm a little afraid! But do you remember that campfire song...
I'm going on a lion hunt (echo: going on a lion hunt)
and I'm not afraid (echo: I'm not afraid)

well, I don't remember the rest...hahahaha! :)

Anyway, there's the evil possum that keeps lurking around my backyard at night. It has chased my little Annie around twice already (at least twice that I've seen) and I'm afraid she's going to get eaten. So the first time I saw this evil creature was on Saturday night. I let my cute little dog Annie outside to go to the bathroom before bed and I heard this whining and crying outside. I ran to the door and see Annie running for her life, being chased by the enormous ratty creature! So I opened the door letting her run in and quickly closed it, but not in time...the possum's head was caught (thank goodness!). It broke free and then started to climb through the hole in the screen (where the cat usually goes in and out) and so I slamed the door in its face. It didn't get in!! :) So Annie was still whimpering and I was shaking and I didn't know what to do. There was really nothing I could do at that point. Anyway, Sunday came around and I spent some time with family. That evening while I was hanging out at my cousin's house, Don offered to let me use his BB gun. He showed me how to load it, shoot it, etc (I practiced on a lime in the trashcan!). So I took it home, hoping I wouldn't have to use it. Well, tonight that EVIL possum came around again!! I first tried to scare it off while watching the encounter through the window, but knew I couldn't wait any longer...Annie was trying to fight it off and I didn't want her to get hurt. So I got out the gun and opened the door. I called for Annie to get out of the way, and she moved a little bit, but not much. So I just had to do it...I aimed for that thing and SHOT! Well, seeing as I've never shot any sort of gun in my life, I of course missed! But at least I scared it off! Annie came running inside and the possum went running across the yard. So it was gone for the night (well, into the neighbors yard where their dogs were yelping, but I wasn't about to go chasing that thing)! So, wish me luck for the next time it comes around, hopefully I'll have some better aim. Maybe I should practice...
(to be continued - hopefully with a dead possum and a happy ending for me and Annie!)

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Mrs. R said...

Okay, that is one bold possum. Usually they don't want anything to do with people. Have you tried calling county pest control or animal services?