Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jyll's Bridal Shower

Jyll & Tommy

Tonight we celebrated with Jyll the coming of her wedding. We showered her with fun sexy gifts that she and Tommy will enjoy on their honeymoon!! :) It was a very nice party and she was totally surprised when she showed up. I guess we have some good secret keepers out there! We played some fun of which I won, yea me!! We also did a game where we had to design a wedding dress out of toilet paper - we had to use our creative side! times! It was great spending time with all the ladies. Congratulations Jyll and Tommy!!!
Jody & Jyll
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game
Auntie Lin, Dawna, & Jody
Grandma, Jody & Duana
The Group Shot

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Reed & Kelli said...

oh how fun....

and i totally remember your cousin Tommy!!!