Thursday, July 10, 2008

She Can Swim!

So I was hanging out with my Cousin Cathy and her kids last night...
Paige wanted me to come over and go swimming with her, and she also wanted my little dog Annie to come along. So we headed over there after work. Shane, Cory and Paige showed me some of their drawings they had been working on, and Paige gave me a couple very special ones. She drew a picture of me with Annie...its so cute:
After that, we ordered some super YUMMY pizza and chatted for awhile. Then it was pool time. The kids really wanted to see if Annie could swim, so we gave it a shot! And what do you know...she is a GREAT swimmer!!! (she's a pro at the doggy-paddle...haha!!)Annie didn't really like being in the water, I think she was swimming for her life out there! But it was fun watching her, so I kept putting her back in. Does that make me a mean mom? haha :) Anyway, Annie and I had a great time at their house!

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Reed & Kelli said...

what a cute it!