Saturday, July 5, 2008


Happy 4th of July!!!

My patriotic babies, Cali and Annie

Well, this is my FAVORITE holiday! I love the hot summer weather, spending the day at the beach, family bbq's, and firework shows! Ah, its so great!

I woke up this morning all geared and ready to go! I packed up my beach bag, put on my bathing suit, loaded my bike in the car, grabbed some bottles of water, dressed my dog (in her cute little patriotic outfit) and headed on my way! I made it out to the beach around 11am and parked about a mile away. I unloaded my bike and beach stuff, put my dog in the basket, and headed on down towards PCH. Oh my goodness...the beach was PACKED! So many people out for the 4th its crazy! Um, times it was difficult to ride my bike because of the crowds. But it was so nice being at the beach today. The weather was perfect, I got to ride my bike along the beach (close to 10 miles), my little Annie got her first ride in a bike basket :), and I got a tan. We also stopped in at my favorite little pizza by the slice place, Rubino's Pizza. It was good to see the owners again, and they let Annie come inside and even gave her some water. It was a warm welcome, and a hot one - they have no AC :) - but it was all good. They have the best pizza!!

Once I was pooped from all the sun and crowds of people, I headed back out to the Chino area and stopped in at the Matlock's party for a bit. They had all their kids home for the holiday as well as their friends over. I stayed there for a little while, had some nice bbq chicken and fresh fruit, chatted with some friends, watched Tom go down the water slide, and then headed over to my cousin Cathy's party.
Uncle Marvin, Aunt Joyce, and Cousin DavidTom & JudiTom going down the water slide

My cousin's party was the last on my list for today. I live down the street and around the corner from them, so it was nice to end close to home. Their party was so much fun! I've never hung out with my cousins outside of family get-togethers, so this was nice. I also got to see my Uncle Bill, who I haven't seen in about 7 or 8 years!! It was good catching up time. Lil Annie had some fun too, lots of attention. Later in the evening, the kids were having fun with some fireworks in the driveway and then we got our chairs and blankets and went on the front lawn to watch the fireworks show they were doing at the local high school down the street. They had great patriotic music playing while the show went on and it was don't hear patriotic songs very often anymore so it was really nice. Well, I ended up hanging out at their house till around 1am I think (it was late). I came home and then crashed into bed.
Aunt Janet
Cousins Don & Cathy
Cousins Cathy & ChristyCousin Cathy, her daughter Paige, and Uncle Bill

Fun with Sparklers!! :)
Anyway, it was a long, but very enjoyable day! I got to spend time with friends and family...and that's the most important thing! The fireworks were icing on the cake!

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