Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Want To Suck Your Blood....

Today I had to go get some blood drawn for some tests my doctor wanted to do. Getting blood drawn is torture for me. Its like my doctor is the vampire and I'm the innocent girl who is in pain having her blood sucked dry!

Anyway, so I take an early lunch, thinking that I will beat the crowd. Unfortunately, everyone else and their mother had the same idea! The place was PACKED! I signed in and took a seat. About 45 minutes later they finally called my check in! I still had to wait another 20 minutes to be seen by the technician to have my blood taken. FINALLY they call me again and I take my seat in the dreadful chair. I put out both arms and kinda chuckle...the tech wants to know what's so funny. Oh, I just know how hard it is for you guys to find my veins, so I put out both arms and then accidentally let a chuckle out, outloud...not sure exactly why, maybe so I won't freak myself out waiting for the pain. She looked a little worried after that and so she checked out both my arms. Yep, she couldn't find any veins. She started pushing and slapping, moving my arm in all sorts of directions trying to see if the vein will pop out. Finally she thinks she found one. I asked for the butterfly needle just in case...its a smaller needle that allows them more flexibility to move the needle around once they break skin (since I know the first poke won't work). So she agrees and goes to find one. She comes back in and gets it ready and taps and pushes around some more to find the vein again. Ok, so she finds it again. She sticks the needle in, and what do you think happens? - the vein is no where to be found! She says I have veins that like to can feel them until you stick the needle in and then they swim away! My poor arm! She moves the needle around under the skin, poking around trying to find the vein inside my arm - AHHHH, it hurts! She gives up on that arm and decides to try the other one. Same thing on the other arm. She finds the vein, sticks me with the needle, and the vein swims away. She moves the needle around under the skin again trying to find the she's almost ready to give up she pokes in one more direction and vwalah! - she found it! She was able to fill one vile...which is good enough for me! Since they are only allowed to stick you twice in one visit (like a vampire's fangs!), that would have to do...she wouldn't be able to poke around anymore (thank God!). So now I'm slowly starting to bruise on both arms AND found out that I'm allergic to the surgical tape (I have a minor rash). What a terrible experience this least I only have to do it twice a year!my poor arms match!in this picture the bruising hasn't really started yet (it will take a few days to fully bruise), but you can see my rash from the tape

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Mrs. R said...

Oh my gosh! You poor thing. I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon.