Friday, June 19, 2009

my 5 mile accomplishment...

The last few weeks I've been hiking with my cousins up at the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. There's some trails up there and we've been out there walking/hiking trying to get further and further up the hill...each time getting a bit farther. Well today my cousin Don was the only one who could go, so we headed out there in the heat of the day and started on our journey. It was a hard hike today, I wasn't feeling it. It was hot, I was hungry and tired, and I really didn't feel like doing it. But Don's a good encourager and he wouldn't let me give up. So we kept at it, and we did it....we made it around the whole trail! Or should I say
"I finally made it"
since he's already done it. haha :) The trail we've been working on is a total of 5 miles, mostly up hill!!! I always get excited for the walk down the hill...that to me is the best part! haha :) Anyway, I'm glad that I accomplished that! Yippee!!! Thanks Don for not letting me give up!

At the top of the hill...
I had to take a picture cuz who knows if I'll ever do that whole trail again! It's a hard one (for me at least)! :)Looking down at part of the trail...With the city view...check out all the smog! Gross!
(that's California for ya!)

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