Friday, June 19, 2009

VBS 2009

Vacation Bible School
June 15-19, 2009
at Bethany Baptist Church
This week was VBS for the youngsters in the community. Bethany Baptist Church held VBS for all kids 3 yrs to 6th grade with fun games, skits, snacks, crafts, songs, and Bible stories. The theme was Kingdom of the Son (african safari/jungle-ish). I was so happy to be able to have my cousin's daughter Paige go to this week of fun and learning at the church. It was fun for me as well, as I stuck around all week watching the kids, visiting with friends, and singing the fun songs. SkitsCraft Time:Games:Friendships: Lessons:
Pastor Josh Matlock dressed up as a game show host for the kid's Bible Story Time. LOVE the wig Josh! heehee :)
Bracelet of God's Truth and Salvation...
Black: Our Sin
Red: Jesus's blood for our sins
Clear: Washed clean
Blue: The Holy Spirit comes into our life
Green: Growth in Christ
Gold: Heaven and the streets of gold
The Challenge:
The leaders challenged the kids to bring friends this week to VBS. They told them that the team who brought the most friends would win a prize and the group that had the least amount of friends would lose, and their leader would have to drink something gross! Well, Paige's team lost...they didn't bring as many as the other groups. So her leader was given a pretty nasty combination of ingrediants blended and poured into a glass...Anyway, the week was great and Paige had a fun time. It's nice that there are events like this for the community and hopefully it will encourage the kids to bring more of their friends to church. Paige made some new friends and is excited to see them again at church! :)

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