Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A few more encounters...

This one is for my nephews....

So I have had a few more encounters with that terribly ugly possum! A couple nights ago it was in my backyard again. The neighbor's dogs behind my house were going crazy barking, and you could hear all sorts of scuffling in the bushes. So I got out the BB gun and peered through the window...and what do you know, the possum came running out of the bushes onto my lawn. So I got the flashlight, and turned the safety off the gun, and went out the door. I walked up to the possum (well, not too close) and flashed the light on it and shot three times. In the meantime, my neighbor turned off his lights, so I'm assuming he did that so he could watch what I was doing. Great, so now I have an audience! I'm sure I looked real great out there in my wife-beater and boxers! Oh well. Anyway, I swear I hit the possum with the BB's but all it did was stare me down! I realized that the BB gun just won't cut it for the death of this thing, and so I headed back in the house. It didn't even scare it this time! :( Anyway, it keeps lurking around my backyard every night and then last night decided to come up on my front porch and look through the screen door at us! How dare that little sucker! It has no fear now, that's not good at all! I think I need a real gun to kill that thing, cuz the BB gun just isn't cut'n it. Is there a manly man out there who would like to come and kill the big rat for me? You'll be my hero!!! :)

To my redneck nephews (haha, jk) - Jake, Zack, Ben & Sam:
I'll be sure to take a picture of the possum for you....once its dead! :)
I love you boys so much and miss you bunches! I want to see some pictures of you guys playing on your acres of land out there in Mississippi!
Come visit Auntie Jo soon, ok? :)
I love you!!!
how cute are my little nephews!!! :)

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