Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm almost OLD!

Tonight I had my first birthday dessert. Most every Tuesday night I have dinner wtih my "Stand-In Parents" Tom and Judi. Since my family all moved away, on Tuesday nights I'm their daughter and we go to dinner together. They are very sweet! :) So we went to Vince's and had a super yummy time! Since we've been going there for years and years and years (as long as I've been alive), they know us there. Our waitress, Julie, came over and chatted with us for a bit. As we were all discussing what I should do on my birthday, Saturday, to celebrate the big 3-0, Julie and another waitress, Gina, brought over my birthday dessert and sang Happy Birthday to me. How sweet are they! :) So I had some yummy vanilla ice cream and we had fun taking some pictures. I was very entertained watching Tom and Judi try to figure out how to send my mom a picture of me with my ice cream and candle with their cell phones...pure comedy! So I'm one day closer to old age...one day less in my twenties :( Today is my last Tuesday in my twenties...yea, I've been doing that with everything. I'm looking forward to a new chapter in life, but a little depressed that I keep getting older and I still haven't gotten to the most exciting chapter...a family. Hopefully that will come with the big birthday! :) Wish me luck...better yet,
(um, it wouldn't hurt to mention early thirties in your prayers...heehee)
My grandparents are very faithful pray-ers...they pray I'll find a husband everyday! They even mentioned it in my birthday card this year....they're awesome! Thanks G&G Vasquez for my 30 big ones!! :)

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Growler said...

Aww girly, I'm praying for ya! My friend at work is trying www.plentyoffish.com Maybe cruise and check out the "fish" there.

Anyway, Happy last 20's Wednesday!