Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Shelly and Me

Tonight I met up with my old and dear friend Shelly. I finally got to meet her boyfriend too! We met up at the Marriot for dinner and spent the evening catching up, chatting with the workers (as Shelly and her bf know them because they used to work together), and we ate ALOT of good food! The cook came out and talked with us a few times (also one of their friends) and asked what we wanted for dessert.
Jody: Hmmm, well what do you have?
Chef: What do you want?
Jody: What do you have?
Chef: What do you want?
Jody: Well, what do you have?
The dialogue continued and we were all laughing. Well, I gave in and said "chocolate covered strawberries" and he immediately went in the back...and 15 minutes later, VWALAH!-chocolate covered strawberries appeared before us! He was awesome, and they were soooooo good!!! :)The Chef
Our strawberries
Even though we were pretty stuffed from eating all the other food, we managed to eat almost all of the strawberries. Actually, at one point Shelly got me laughing so hard that I couldn't keep the chocolate in my mouth and it started seeping was gross, but funny! Anyway, it was a good time hanging out with Shelly again. I love that girl! She is so sweet! Love you Shelly-Belly! :) Don't be a stranger!

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