Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paige's Birthday

My cousin Cathy's daughter Paige is having a birthday!! :)
Last Thursday night I went shopping with Cathy and Paige at the Ontario Mills mall and Paigey got to pick out her new Build-A-Bear stuffed animal. That store is SOO cute! You pick out an animal you want, you watch them fill it with stuffing, you pick out a heart and they put it in the animal, and they close it up. Then you pick out the cutest little outfits! After all that, you name it, put all the information into the computer and out comes a birth certificate of your new little Purrcey! That is what this little kitty was named (well, I'm not sure if that's how they spelled it). How fun!Tonight for Paige's birthday dinner we went out to the Elephant Bar. Paige and her little friend Cloey were having so much fun with each other, giggling, putting on lipstick, and all those other little things that girls do when they get together :) They were so cute! Happy 8th Birthday Paigey!!! I love you :)

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