Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Friday....

Yesterday was Friday, and it was a long one.
The day started off awaiting the Plumbers who were going to arrive at my house by 8:30am to start working on putting in a gas line for my new washer/dryer. Well, they didn't arrive until about 10:30am, and then didn't get started till around noon. So what I thought was going to be a morining off work, ended up being the whole day. The plumbers worked hard all day, and it wasn't till about 6:30pm that they realized they didn't have all the parts they needed to finish the job. So one left...and came back empty-handed. His warehouse was closed couldn't get the part he needed. So they left for the evening, with a plan to arrive on Saturday (today) to finish the job (which they all works and its so exciting to be able to do laundry at home!!). So that was my morning and afternoon, and early evening.

Also that afternoon, my little Annie had quite a few seizures. Poor thing has been having them a lot lately. She had 5 within one hour!!! :( It could be that she got too excited with the plumbers there, but its really sad watching her go through them. Pray she is healed!

Later that night I headed over to my cousin's house for Paige's birthday dinner. Cathy cooked, and it was GREAT! I miss home-cooked meals! Yeah, Yeah, I could cook...but I don't. :) Anyway, dinner was tasty! After dinner we went swimming and I had fun playing with the girls in the pool. It was a fun night, and I think Paigey had a good time too :) Happy Birthday, again, Paigey :)

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