Monday, August 11, 2008

I'll be his Desperate Housewife! haha :)

Wow, so this was a great weekend! Let me start from the beginning...

Friday night I went out with my old buddy from college, Mark (sometimes I like to call him "Hoop-Dog" because his last name is Hooper). I haven't seen him in many months, so it was great to finally reconnect and catch up. We drove out to Victoria Gardens and had a nice dinner at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). After we each ate ALL our food (yummy pizzas) we walked around the outdoor mall and caught a live act out in one of the courtyards. There was this band playing, and they weren't all that great. So we stayed for a short time, just enough to have our picture taken, and then headed out. We went back to my house and sat around for a little while chatting, and then he headed home. Mark is such a great guy...I've known him for about 12 years now, and I hope that he will always be in my life. It was so nice to hang out with him again...Love you Mark! :)

So Saturday was so awesome! Earlier in the day, Carissa and I went to a jewelry party out in Santa Monica where this artist, Tina Tang, displayed her jewelry in this super cute backhouse and you could walk through and shop. Unfortunately it was all a little pricey, so I didn't buy anything...but I did get a free necklace for going! So that was cool.

"Lost" meets "Heroes," crossed with "Desperate Housewives," a little reality TV and a fiddle -- what's not to love?
After the jewelry party, we drove out to Griffith Park in LA to a park next to the Autry National Center where Netflix was putting on a free show to see this band called "Band From TV". Greg Grunberg had a brilliant idea and got a bunch of actors together and started this charity cover band. They played lots of familiar songs, and looked like they had a TON of fun doing it! Anyway, I got to meet some famous people, it was GREAT! :) The show was really good, but I think I was most excited about meeting the actors! Yea, I'm weird like that!
Me with James Denton the Plumber from Desperate Housewives...LOVE HIM! :)

James played the guitar and sang...and was smokin hot out there!!!

Bob Guiney, from "The Bachelor" and "Date My House"...and Greg Grunberg, from "Alias" and "Heroes" were the MC's.

Jorge Garcia from "Lost" made an appearance on vocals a few times

and Hugh Laurie from "House" jammed on the keyboards

Teri Hatcher from "Desperate Housewives" sang three songs and did great!...

and Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes" got the crowd pumped when the show started, and also sang a little in the first song

Jesse Spencer from "House" played the electric violin

and Adrien Pasdar from "Heroes" was on guitar

Zack Levi "Chuck" sang a few songs with "The Bachelor" Bob Guiney
I had a great time at the show with Carissa...I hope she did too, although I left her a few times to go take pics of the band :) She's not as into meeting famous people as I am. I was SOOO EXCITED!

Sunday I actually got up on time and made it to church! :) After church I had lunch at my favorite mexican place "Tony's" in Chino and then headed home. I caught up on a couple of my Netflix movies and then spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics. Aren't these athletes just so talented!! I love watching swimming, diving, and gymnastics, although I was a bit disappointed in the USA girl's gymnastics last night...they didn't do all that great. But at least they got good enough scores to make it into the finals!

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Lindy said...

Haha.....I get really excited about meeting famous people too! Kinda Silly but fun. I enjoy reading your blog....and how you put up a lot of pics with your blog entries....I do the same.